Child Care Centre (New Projects)

Let me introduce to you Child Care Centre an NGO that works among the children & women in need and poverty across 5300 communities in India.

Our unique child sponsorship program has helped thousands of children across the country to rise above the socioeconomic challenges they face and become influential members in their communities.

You too can sponsor a child in need for this Rs. …. every month. Your sponsorship will ensure that your child is educated, healthy and well-nourished and has access to life’s essentials. The child’s family and community will also benefit through various development activities.

Coming Year Objectives

  • Pre School & Primary education for disabled children.
  • Education for general children & Youths
  • Skill development training program
  • Program related to health & hygiene
  • Special Program for health care of women, children, handicapped, SC/ST, OBC.
  • Plantation & environment protection program

Past Year Objectives

  • Total Sanitation Campaign
  • Skill Development Program
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Women Awareness Camp
  • Literacy Program
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Labour Welfare Program